ALDAN takes pride in providing quality Salon, Spa, and Work apparel for over 60+ years.

We have been the innovators and creators of many current concepts and designs in the industry, all to make the art of hair styling most comfortable for you. And with our elegant designs, you can look good doing it.


In 1955 we invented the Tipping Cap and processes enabling the hair dresser to prosper. It was actually my mom who made extra money by covering the neighborhood in plastic from couches to toasters. When asked by a frustrated hairdresser to figure this out she used her craft. It was NOT Clairol or Conair but ALDAN.

When perms became the rage ALDAN invented the Neutralizing Bib.

We were responsible for making all the garments for the American Vidal Sassoon locations.

In the 70’s we screened the First Designer Shampoo Cape and introduced color and design to what previously was just plain black and brown.

In the 80’s we created prints and introduced SERPENTINE the first ever fully sophisticated design to totally co-ordinate the Salon interior.

Star Streak the next generation of highlighting and MONTE CARLO the cape everyone chose to copy but never duplicated.

Currently we created another World’s First The Soho Apron Collection featuring the unique “snap on, snap off” tops made in our high performance fabric.

Beth MinardiTabatha Coffey, and Arrojo among many others support ALDANS commitment to quality and longevity of wear.

Our number one priority is satisfying you.




The Aldan Soho Collection is the first ever totally unique apron collection: eight designs that can be worn seventeen different ways, and the first to present the “snap on / snap off” detachable concept.

Each apron has been designed to form fit and complement your look, allowing you to create and diversify your style.

Great for the salon and spa professional, as well as the restaurant and hospitality industry.

The fabric took us four years to develop. Our Centura high performance material is state of the art, light, breathable, bleach-resistant, water repellent, and will not stain. There is no better fabric for your ultimate apron experience.


Robes and Gowns

Aldan robes can be found around the world, as our fabrics are unique, and our styles numerous.

Famous salons, high end spas, elite cosmetic surgeons, hospitals, dental clinics, and boutique hotels have experienced our cost effective robes for their clients and patients.

Our 55 year experience has afforded us the knowledge of textile innovation. Our signature Peachskin material has become our most sought after fabrication.

It offers the perception of luxury with its soft, sensual touch, while maintaining incredible durability to remain stain-free – guaranteed to out perform all others.

We can modify, duplicate or enhance any style robe, if you would like to be a part of our free sampling program.

An American factory at your service.


Salon Garments

Our Salon Division began in 1954 when we patented the world’s first tipping cap.

Since then, we have created:

  • – the first Designer Collection of shampoo capes
  • – the first Serpentine Collection the first all purpose cape
  • – the industry’s first tech cap
  • – our world famous Star Streak

After 55 years of manufacturing in New York, we claim our right to name all our designs with icons of our great city.

Our Wall Street cape, made of the finest fabric, and our Grand Central 5500, a robe of the highest quality, are but a few of our many signature designs that make up our unique New York collection.


Spa Garments

The Aldan Spa Division has created and manufactured unique garments for several large companies, among them Dermalogica and Elizabeth Arden.

At the factory, we can modify most of our spa designs or embroider any of our house models.

Most of our spa robes can be found in unique boutique hotels and specially selected hospitals (our high performance Peachskin material is so durable that it easily passes the rigorous sterilization treatment necessary for the healthcare field).


Manufacturing in New York City since 1955.

The longest lasting, most stylish salon and spa garments in the entire world.

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