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Aldan • accessories • tipping cap • 2001 • Star Streak • 035 Aldan • accessories • tipping cap • 2001 • Star Streak • 035

Star Streak 2001

Hair Tipping, Highlighting, Frosting, Streaking Cap

The hair cap that fits like a glove.

• Advanced contoured design

• Very comfortable fit

• Easy penetration

• Ability to hi-lite everywhere


Instruction manual:

Pierce STAR STREAK cap for your desired style.

Brush customer’s hair before fitting STAR STREAK cap.

Apply powder to cap for easier passage of hair.

Pinch cap gently, inserting the Aldan Hair Hook on a slant.

Gently slide hair from cap, hook side up.

After hair has been pulled through, brush gently before applying bleach.

Apply bleach to exposed hair - bleach should be similar in texture to cream - new drip-less brim protects against excess.

Cover with the Aldan Tech Cap for quick action processing.


Apply tint for your color preference.

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